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[audio]Sadayatana 212: Chasm of Time - John Tocher
And again, the dark street. The dark, dark street. The women out shopping for the evening meal of course, and baby carriage and the silver bicycle were already painted out by the darkness; most of the commuters too were already in place in their filing-drawer houses. A half-forsaken chasm of time.... - Kōbō Abe, The Ruined Map startartisttitle00:00Atilio DoresteRespiro01:18Kirill PlatonkinIn The Dream Fields08:37Kirill PlatonkinStellar Breath14:06Esa RuohoPreparazione19:18Vitaly MaklakovЖел...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; atilio doreste; depletion region; esa ruoho; john tocher; kinematik vke; kirill platonkin; meho; nemeton; vitaly maklakov
Downloads: 222
[audio]Sadayatana 211: The Edge - John Tocher
The Edge... There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. The others--the living--are those who pushed their luck as far as they felt they could handle it, and then pulled back, or slowed down, or did whatever they had to when it came time to choose between Now and Later. But the edge is still Out there. Or maybe it's In. - Hunter S...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; drone; podcast; grove of whispers; meho; wings of an angel; Кромешна
Downloads: 597
[audio]Sadayatana 209: The Ruined Church - John Tocher
...and to this hour the image of Carmilla return to mind with ambiguous alterations--sometimes the playful, languid, beautiful girl; sometimes the writhing fiend I saw in the ruined church; and often from a reverie I have started, fancying I heard the light step of Carmilla at the drawing room door. - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, Carmilla (1871) startartisttitle00:00SiJ + Astral & ShitKömaparàbola (Part 1)03:00ArcticaIllidriel61:47Lluvia AcidaPali Aike66:40Rec008Fragment 575:36SiJ + Astral & ShitK...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; noise; podcast; arctica; lluvia acida; rec008; sij + astral & shit; ugasanie & abstinenciadivinorium
Downloads: 800
[audio]Sadayatana 210: Silence - John Tocher
After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. - Aldous Huxley, The Rest is Silence (1931) startartisttitle00:00CNTVIntro (to Konstantin Raudive)05:03BerthelotMécanique Des Limbes II15:50The Implicit OrderTrying To Recruit You23:34Skincage and MystifiedUFO 1 Skincage Remix27:35My Own Cubic StoneMinotaur38:02CNTVA curious blank44:06BerthelotMécanique Des Limbes III50:48CNTVDescanso53:50The Implicit OrderThe Dial-Up Love And Terror Cult64:29The Implicit OrderChi...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; drone; podcast; sadayatana; berthelot; cntv; lord havoc; my own cubic stone; skincage and mystified; the implicit order
Downloads: 655
[audio]Sadayatana 208: Mysterious States - John Tocher
Nevertheless, life and death are mysterious states, and we know little of the resources of either. - Sheridan Le Fanu, Carmilla (1871) startartisttitle00:00Ayato & Natalia KamiaNO BREAK01:45KolpakopfUntitled30:38ArcticaTabatiel (Illidriel Continue)61:16Red FogCinder Petals72:33lost-radioScene VIII80:48Wings Of An AngelThe Unearthly Demagogue And His Amber Of Sorrows94:29Kreazot-MaksBack side 196:24Mescaline SessionsPyramid of the Magician109:10Mescaline SessionsForgotten Temple113:14Grove Of Whi...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; drone; podcast; sadayatana; arctica; ayato & natalia kamia; kolpakopf; kreazot-maks; lost-radio; mescaline sessions; red fog; wings of an angel
Downloads: 736
[audio]Sadayatana 203: Baptism of Time - John Tocher
It's not that I don't believe in contemporary literature, but I don't want to waste valuable time reading any book that has not had the baptism of time. Life is too short. - Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood (1987) startartisttitle00:00Zreen ToyzAlmost Palpable Death20:20Arco EnarmonicoDelay Sex Soundtrack20:51AnuskabinettEjaculation21:45EgidaSlow Spells In You23:58Zreen ToyzThe Mariana Abyss36:13Zreen ToyzBeyond Infinite Caves45:33Zreen ToyzBathyscaphes Choreography54:45Zreen ToyzA Sarcophargus f...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; noise; podcast; sadayatana; wings of an angel; zreen toyz
Downloads: 1,546
[audio]Sadayatana 207: Being Magicians - John Tocher
The more I look at most of the art movements, it’s all occultism, when you get down to it. The Surrealists were openly talking about being magicians. - Alan Moore, De Abaitua interview (1998) startartisttitle00:00sorrow streamNo hope03:56Scott Lawlor & Oystein JorgensenThe Next Dimension10:18Neon LotusV27:04Mikael HirszSelf Medication65:22天島101:03Astral & Shitsnow104:02Grove of WhispersLIVE
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; noise; podcast; sadayatana; astral & shit; john tocher; mikael hirsz; neon lotus; scott lawlor & oystein jorgensen; sorrow stream;
Downloads: 1,152
[audio]Sadayatana 205: Power of Perception - John Tocher
It is one of the commonest of mistakes to consider that the limit of our power of perception is also the limit of all there is to perceive. - C. W. Leadbeater, The Chakras (1927) startartisttitle00:00Luís AnteroWater Mill 201:26Rigel OrionisCentrifugal17:09Dreaming the SeedWaterhole23:48Fabio KeinerHeaven Wakes A Moon I29:08MystifiedSpinning Downward33:11SamsaThe Laurentian Divide33:40BulkrateConvocation41:12BulkrateInto the portal of doom50:33BulkrateUnder the ice cold surface56:43BulkrateCros...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; drone; podcast; sadayatana; alan morse davies; bulkrate; dreaming the seed; fabio keiner; luís antero; mystified; rigel orionis; samsa
Downloads: 1,476
[audio]Sadayatana 206: The Translation - John Tocher
The original is unfaithful to the translation. - Jorge Luis Borges startartisttitle00:00Grove Of Whispers (featuring pixyblink)Carmilla21:49Wings Of An AngelYour Dominatrix Had A Brain Transplant Under My Knives94:13Grove of WhispersLive
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; drone; podcast; sadayatana; grove of whispers featuring pixyblink; john tocher; wings of an angel
Downloads: 1,092
[audio]Sadayatana 204: Darkness Beyond Tomorrow - John Tocher
The people dreamed and fought and slept as much as ever. And by habit they shortened their thoughts so that they would not wander out into the darkness beyond tomorrow. - Carson McCullers, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1940) startartisttitle00:00Kai EngelPrelude - Bells in Heavy Clouds03:53No Way OutMesoleuctra12:06Red Cloudsworship15:58Willy StamatiA Point of No Return19:41AjnaHidden Rays of Light Within The Cold Sun33:49MystifiedMonoDecay39:27Flat AffectAnopsia40:01DesohllSubtle Monotony59:15W...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; drone; podcast; ajna; desohll; flat affect; kai engel; mystified; no way out; red clouds; willy stamati; wolfsduister
Downloads: 1,367
[audio]Sadayatana 202: Blood Whispers - John Tocher
I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me. - Hermann Hesse, Demian (1919) startartisttitle00:00Pollux & Sean Derrick Cooper MarquardtFor It Flows From Within (feat. Kasi Pani K & Udo Lindermann)09:33DisFatumHere You Are Alone14:53NightspiritInterstellar Medium II23:40Шесть Мёртвых БолгарПокрывало света29:49Grove of Whispers2014-11-14 (unreleased live)37:08Wings ...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; cousin silas; disfatum; isfjell & cloower wooma; lwpss; my emptiness; nightspirit; pollux & sean derrick cooper marquardt; wings of an angel; Шесть Мёртвых Болгар
Downloads: 2,133
[audio]Sadayatana 163: The Sound of The Wind - John Tocher
No sooner had one season slipped out the door than the next came in by another door. A person might scramble to the closing door and call out, Hey, wait a minute, there’s one last thing I forgot to tell you. But nobody would be there any more. The door shuts tight. Already another season is in the room, sitting in a chair, striking a match to light a cigarette. Anything you forgot to mention, the stranger says, you might as well go ahead and tell me, and if it works out, I’ll get the message...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; astral & shit; atrio serenade; autumna; fellirium; helicalin; kenneth kirschner; mystified; nerthus; ovdk & bunk data; stellardrone
Downloads: 3,346 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Sadayatana 184: The Other Ants - John Tocher
It was not until the ant and Veig had passed each other that Niall realized that he had been reading the ant's mind. It was a sensation like actually being the ant, as if he had momentarily taken possession of its body. And while he had been inside the ant's body, he had also become aware of all the other ants in the nest. It was a bewildering feeling, as if his mind had shattered into thousands of fragments, yet each fragment remained a coherent part of the whole...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; grove of whispers; liroso & sanefiftyfour; meho; north hive; oberlin
Downloads: 2,033
[audio]Sadayatana 055: Haunted Ruins - John Tocher knight and maiden meeting to exchange vows amongst haunted ruins. The starlight was good enough for that story, a light so faint and remote that it cannot resolve shadows into shapes, and show the other shore of a stream. I did look upon the stream that night and from the very place; it rolled silent and as black as Styx: the next day I went away, but I am not likely to forget what it was she wanted to be saved from when she entreated him to leave her while there was time...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; electroacoustic; podcast; alan morse davies; alex moore; ashlesha ix; darkness and silence; django reinhardt; ego ex nihil; elias merino; felipe barbosa; fosel; glass box; joe frawley; kirill platonkin; luciftias; luis antero; malstrom; nik xaos; obscure visions; ownsi lense; ps; rngmnn; sadayatana; saluki regicide; samsa; sirs; stream69; the secret art; vsevolod botvinnik (timoneus); willy stamati
Downloads: 2,693 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Sadayatana 189: The Enchanter - John Tocher
A number of people have associated with them a personality that is not theirs, one that is borrowed from one or more members of their emotional environment. To be born into a family is to be, if I may say it this way, possessed. This possession is transmitted from generation to generation: the enchanted becomes the enchanter in projecting onto his children what was projected onto him—unless an awakening comes to break the cycle...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; cousin silas; in; nagual art; wings of an angel
Downloads: 2,199
[audio]Sadayatana 002: Eat Rice, Potatoes Make Your Butt BIG - John Tocher
It's that time of year again... you know --turkey time. Except when you're a vegetarian you have to settle for tofu-turkey. If you can get it. Otherwise it's more like a biscuit, some mashed potatoes and cranberry something. It can suck being vegetarian, but never worse than on thanksgiving. I spent it in a flooded laundromat cleaning my socks. Which was good cause I needed to replace them after the water invaded my shoes...
Keywords: sadayatana; ambient; dark ambient; podcast
Downloads: 735
[audio]Sadayatana190: Lost - John Tocher
And death shall have no dominion.Dead men naked they shall be oneWith the man in the wind and the west moon;When their bones are picked clean and the clean bones gone,They shall have stars at elbow and foot;Though they go mad they shall be sane,Though they sink through the sea they shall rise again;Though lovers be lost love shall not;And death shall have no dominion.And death shall have no dominion.Under the windings of the seaThey lying long shall not die windily;Twisting on racks when sinews ...
Keywords: dark ambient; noise; experimental; podcast; colin blake; helyptronics; kolpakopf; synthetic mind decay
Downloads: 2,096
[audio]Sadayatana 172: The Long Night - John Tocher
A picnic. Picture a forest, a country road, a meadow. Cars drive off the country road into the meadow, a group of young people get out carrying bottles, baskets of food, transistor radios, and cameras. They light fires, pitch tents, turn on the music. In the morning they leave. The animals, birds, and insects that watched in horror through the long night creep out from their hiding places. And what do they see? Old spark plugs and old filters strewn around.....
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; alan morse davies; djinnestan; grove of whispers (featuring pixyblink); invisible waves; kirill platonkin; meho; nagual art; nordbeck; overhaul in damnation; willy stamati; xalm retribution
Downloads: 1,615
[audio]Sadayatana 187: The Crimson Cabaret - John Tocher
Sometimes, when I was sitting in the Crimson Cabaret on a rainy night, I thought of myself as occupying a waiting room for the abyss (which of course was exactly what I was doing) and between sips from my glass of wine or cup of coffee I smiled sadly and touched the front pocket of my coat where I kept my imaginary ticket to oblivion. - Thomas Ligotti, Teatro Grottesco (2006) startartisttitle00:00IcosteEve07:07Synaptic NecropolisEcho Into Void (EI-Reflection)11:20Steam flowIndifference23:45Mesca...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; icoste; mescaline sessions; steam flow; stefan paulus; synaptic necropolis
Downloads: 2,165
[audio]Sadayatana 088: Bizarre And Flawed - John Tocher
I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do. I would imagine her, and imagine that she must be out there thinking of me too. Well, I hope that if you are out there and read this and know that, yes, it's true I'm here, and I'm just as strange as you...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; noise; podcast; item caligo; 900 piesek and dren; cumshot in snow; digital mass; disturbed earth/shane morris/kirill platonkin; field recording; western ave; huruhara 696; jari pitkänen; kolpakopf; luis antero; mbd; mercury theatre; metek vs kristofu; mince splatters; mystified; paiyatuma; sij; stahlfabrik; the cherry blues project; the implicit order; the new false gods; the perfect failure (?); tollefsen trio; various artists; vlad ribarski
Downloads: 1,096
[audio]Sadayatana 191: The Howling - John Tocher
...people have a very narrow conception of what is possible with reality, that we're surrounded by the howling abyss of the unknowable and nobody knows what's out there. - Terence McKenna, Spacetime Tsunami, Interview with Carla Sinclair startartisttitle00:00Mescaline SessionsDecaying Culture20:05Dronny DarkoSandSpace41:46Sokpb Avabodha & WMRIMusic for Fields Part III71:58Songs From A TombPath leading to the Void117:21Frank Westpahl and His Orch.Greenwich Witch
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; dronny darko - sandspace; frank westpahl and his orch; mescaline sessions; sokpb avabodha & wmri; songs from a tomb
Downloads: 2,243
[audio]Sadayatana 072: Monstrous Fancies
Some tracks from the new Joe Frawley: 13 Houses and The Mermaid . Very groovy as usual. Extensive use was make of the soundtracks of videos by Lifeloop and friends. At first I was just going to play this material as I find it rather compelling but then I discovered it's a type of electro-acoustic music called "Salon Bruit". I'll have to look into this more later but whatever it is, it made up a substantial part of the show...
Keywords: dark ambient; salon bruit; drone; podcast; angie yeowell (usa); cortijo y su combo; d'incise; fake mistress (de); gimu; joe frawley; jon 7; kirill platonkin; kwisp sturgeons; liberty news group; lifeloop and axoltl; lifeloop and coldcom; lifeloop and hexler; lifeloop and medium(h)avare; lifeloop/stoerfan sender/fake mistress/nexus; lifeloop; sylvain berthaux and baris dogrusoez; mahmoud refat (eg); marshall mcluhan; mr.leary; mystified; noisiv; noisiv and keyframed; nux vomica; pixyblink; preslav literary school (uk); subterrestrial
Downloads: 1,990 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Sadayatana 173: A Burning Wind - John Tocher
It was a burning wind -- it burned through Susan's sleep like acid on silk, reaching deep into each smooth furrow of her body. The nightgown was too much. Her breasts felt as though covered with sand, with insects, as though she lay buried to the neck in an anthill in a hot summer storm. By turns it was terrible and then sweet -- a tickling, moving, crawling sensation. An awareness of the physical that not even sleep could override...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; drone; podcast; alex hedin; fugasatanae; jism; kostin michail; neon lotus; peer saer; septicaemia; tribe of astronauts; zreen toyz
Downloads: 1,783
[audio]Sadayatana 185: Out of The Darkness - John Tocher
I read and walked for miles at night along the beach, writing bad blank verse and searching endlessly for someone wonderful who would step out of the darkness and change my life. It never crossed my mind that that person could be me. - Anna Quindlen startartisttitle00:00Aleister CrowleyThe Call Of The First And Second Aethyr (Ca. 1920)01:27Grove of WhispersVoices From Possessed Children31:06Mental Escape PodEpica 2 (X37F Secondary Sirens)48:14Scott LawlorA Gradual Descent Into the Chamber of Dar...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; aleister crowley; grove of whispers; mental escape pod; scott lawlor; west remi; wings of an angel
Downloads: 2,271
[audio]Sadayatana 059: Sleep, Erupting - John Tocher
New stuff from Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Bruno Duplant, Christopher McFall, Playing with Nuns, and Nagual Art. Backyard Ghost, Ice Guild Kaiser and C. Reider also sneaking around in there. And a host of other broken misfit toys. Really dig the latest releases from Impulsive Habitat. I hope you do too, they are featured in a big way. My lump of coal for your stocking for this holiday season. startartisttitle00:00Akoustik Timbre FrekuencyFuck Their Christcurse00:33KlugeGrazuole07:14Stiff & ColdI...
Keywords: experimental; noise; field recordings; podcast; akoustik timbre frekuency; alexey karpov; backyard ghost; bruno duplant; christopher mcfall; collin thomas; c. reider; heathcliff aaldrin; ice guild kaiser; kluge; makunouchi bento; meho; nagual art; nigul; +obscrn+; p.asha s; playing with nuns; ryan gregory tallman; stiff & cold; thanato twist with oleg’s sound system; willy stamati
Downloads: 661
[audio]Sadayatana 082: Forgotten Traffic - John Tocher
In fact, the whole city was now asleep, part of an immense unconscious Europe, while he himself crawled about on a forgotten traffic island like the nightmare of this slumbering continent. - J. G. Ballard, Concrete Island (1974) startartisttitle00:00Charles Manson9/11/1967 & 1968 Studio Recordings01:54deafnessSoviet Devil05:46Another Neglected HobbyAquamarine30:04SM/SMThe Way Down37:20PSI (Vitaly Maklakov)Winter...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; noise; podcast; 900piesek; another neglected hobby; caul; charles manson; deafness; edith piaf; iceolate; impulse.0000; ithinkimissyou / errata; kromeshna; luis antero; m.f.c; nagual art; psi (vitaly maklakov); sm/sm; sononox; stanton friedman; subseason; the large; thelema boy; yura volkov _yg_
Downloads: 1,581 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Sadayatana 196: The Metaphysical Aspect - John Tocher
Everything has two aspects: the current aspect, which we see nearly always and which ordinary men see, and the ghostly and metaphysical aspect, which only rare individuals may see in moments of clairvoyance and metaphysical abstraction. - Giorgio de Chirico, On Mystery and Creation, Paris (1913) startartisttitle00:00Grove of WhispersThe Coinlocker Heart05:22shinichiroaThe last wave21:02Tamayurakurage and EmergeMeltdown 131:43Grove of WhispersFrozen (featuring Michelle Yom)44:30elizabeth Veldonla...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; arcane waves; ayn morgan; carl kruger; eleomys; elizabeth veldon; fosel; grove of whispers; maggie teyet; scott lawlor; eugenekha and mister vapor; shinichiroa; somnaphon; tamayurakurage and emerge
Downloads: 2,235
[audio]Sadayatana 039: Between Stations - John Tocher
Nice to have Jason Sloan playing live. Great set. Had some technical difficulties with the mp3 tags. There's a trick with it where I play this big silent mp3 and it's tagged to say like "Jason Sloan live on Sadayatana". Something like that. Well the big mp3 didn't play for more than a second for some reason. And I didn't notice for a while. The result was the start of his set was mixed with a bit of Exuviae (who btw, will be playing here live next week along with Bunk Data, as the duo Subseason....
Keywords: 900piesek; bunk data vs abre ojos; circle of pines; dugald mcneill; exuviae; exuviae & kenji siratori; fortyone; fosel; jason sloan; ka-baalim & bunk data; kraftim; ovdk / bunk data; perimeter; podcast; rob danielson; sadayatana; seetyca; somnarium; subterrestrial; viv corringham; zhatva
Downloads: 433
[audio]Sadayatana 126: A Guided Dream - John Tocher
Writing is nothing more than a guided dream. - Jorge Luis Borges, El informe de Brodie (1970) startartisttitle00:00senselessnessCuDu02:06PtarkhInsulin14:49Moon RiverMoon River Singers16:15Wandering Wind & WMRIRequiem for the Past19:49EugeneKhaApril 2012: Rain, Thunder, Just Moscow Day27:29Dark FlowRedshift33:38Iker Ormazabal; Oier Iruretagoiena136:42Ars Sonor & MutateOceanic Tide (The End of a Road)39:50elizabeth veldonfriday: the general synopsis44:24Iker Ormazabal; Oier Iruretagoiena247:30Pta...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; soundscapes; podcast; ars sonor & mutate; dark flow; elizabeth veldon; eugenekha; frozen ocean; grove of whispers; gunshae; hash-head; iker ormazabal; oier iruretagoiena; irene west royal hawaiians; moon river; ptarkh; ptarkh & wmri; senselessness; wandering wind & wmri; wmri
Downloads: 1,164
[audio]Sadayatana 197: Dark to Dark - John Tocher
And as he lay there a far crack of lightning went bluely down the sky and bequeathed him in an embryonic bird's first fissured vision of the world and transpiring instant and outrageous from dark to dark a final view of the grotto and the shapeless white plasm struggling upon the rich and incunabular moss like a lank swamp hare. - Cormac McCarthy, Outer Dark (1968) startartisttitle00:00Deleno na NulaElectric Mantra05:22f l o dEulogia 211:01Psychic HybridFinding The Hidden Pathway28:06christian d...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; drone; podcast; sadayatana; christian doil; deleno na nula; earthly beasts; f l o d; marc-henri arfeux; psychic hybrid
Downloads: 2,159
[audio]Sadayatana 195: The Sadness of Others - John Tocher
The important thing in this life is to link your sadness to the sadness of others. - Shūsaku Endō, The Girl I Left Behind  startartisttitle00:00Go Genre EverythingHave You Seen The Moon Tonight13:29Wings of an AngelGhosts Of My Past65:35Dream TwiceBelow the grass69:46Dream TwiceCollect dew69:51AairriaFading75:04Dream TwiceOutro81:56Dream TwiceIntro89:05Mystified and Daniel BarbieroRain119:27Grove of WhispersThe Unceasing Path
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; aairria; dream twice; epsilon eridani; go genre everything; grove of whispers; kirill platonkin; mystified and daniel barbiero; r6; red fog; wings of an angel
Downloads: 2,041
[audio]Sadayatana186: Sometimes in Dreams - John Tocher
Dreams, as we all know, are very queer things: some parts are presented with appalling vividness, with details worked up with the elaborate finish of jewellery, while others one gallops through, as it were, without noticing them at all, as, for instance, through space and time. Dreams seem to be spurred on not by reason but by desire, not by the head but by the heart, and yet what complicated tricks my reason has played sometimes in dreams, what utterly incomprehensible things happen to it! - F...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; drone; podcast; jack hertz & total e.t; my day is gone; my own cubic stone
Downloads: 2,021
[audio]Sadayatana 193: Such Small Hands - John Tocher
(i do not know what it is about you that closes and opens;only something in me understands the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses) nobody,not even the rain,has such small hands - E. E. Cummings startartisttitle00:00Joe FrawleyThreshold03:26lost-radiosummer saturdays10:27Wings of an AngelSolitude Spreads Within The Heart's Corridors Like Cancerous Cells26:23Joe FrawleyThe forest31:42Mescaline SessionsKto Govorit43:12[amt_23]Walls Have Ears45:13[amt_23]Walls Have Ears52:37Joe FrawleyWater...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; sadayatana; ajna; [amt_23]; desert visions; grove of whispers; joe frawley; lost-radio; mescaline sessions; wings of an angel
Downloads: 2,736
[audio]Sadayatana 152: Secret Chambers - John Tocher
Man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilizations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that he himself has sealed. - Stanislaw Lem, Solaris (1961) startartisttitle00:00Tribe of AstronautsRain 103:01K.M.KrebsRain I44:57Tribe Of AstronautsRain 397:09Akashic Crow's NestRain 197:38GhostheoryRain146:24Tribe of AstronautsRain 2148:21Rolling Calf SinfonetteRain II162:51833-45Rain I165:31Xalm Retribu...
Keywords: drone; dark ambient; experimental; podcast; 833-45; akashic crow's nest; avon comedy four; ghostheory; k.m.krebs; rolling calf sinfonette; tribe of astronauts; xalm retribution
Downloads: 1,786
[audio]Sadayatana 168: Ecstasy and Horror - John Tocher
There now ensued a series of incidents which transported me to the opposite extremes of ecstasy and horror; incidents which I tremble to recall and dare not seek to interpret. - H. P. Lovecraft, The Crawling Chaos (1921) startartisttitle00:00The Implicit OrderIt's Hard To Tell The Singer From The Song (Reprise)06:45Grove Of WhispersToon (unreleased)20:15Ars Sonor & Naimiyou and me (a new beginning)26:23Cryogenic WeekendEmbracing Arctic Waters41:36Ars Sonor & Naimibeautiful and dark41:46Cryogenic...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; ade hodges & cousin silas; ars sonor & naimi; cousin silas; creation vi & Осатанілий гнів; cryogenic weekend; grove of whispers; judith peacock cummings; livro branco; the implicit order; unlogic thing & king imagine
Downloads: 1,410
[audio]Sadayatana 151: I Am The Fire - John Tocher
Time is the substance from which I am made. Time is a river which carries me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger that devours me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire. - Jorge Luis Borges, Other Inquisitions (1952) For FaZe EXile's father, who passed away recently. startartisttitle00:00Slo-BloMancora00:28AloardiThe Hague Wind Across Metal Grid08:55Arcane WavesThe Sanitarium s Deepest Corridors23:25Mary Shelley & The Implicit OrderDrakpost50:44Enrique MaraverR...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; aloardi; arcane waves; deafness; elizabeth veldon; enrique maraver; grove of whispers; mary shelley & the implicit order; naked city cinema; patrick j scanlon; slo-blo; swaying smoke; jorge luis borges
Downloads: 1,709
[audio]Sadayatana 154: Limitless - John Tocher
Because we don't know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens only a certain number of times, and a very small number really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, some afternoon that is so deeply a part of your being that you can't even conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four or five times more, perhaps not even that...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; grove of whispers
Downloads: 1,705
[audio]Sadayatana 188: This Breath Now - John Tocher
I heard people talk about immortality, but I ain't seen it. I wondered how it'd be when I died. What it'd be like to know this breath now was the last one you was ever gonna draw. I just hope I can meet it the same way she did. With the same... calm. 'Cause that's where it's hidden --the immortality I hadn't seen. - Private Witt, The Thin Red Line (1998) startartisttitle00:0005:42We Are All AloneClouds Collide RMX09:00Tribe of AstronautsCyanotomy36:57Kinematik VKE with MystifiedNix And Hydra109:...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; kinematik vke with mystified; mystified; tribe of astronauts; we are all alone
Downloads: 2,039
[audio]Sadayatana 178: Enchanting Traumas - John Tocher
It was to be a quick peek through a hand-wide crack, but enough to risk disillusionment and the dispersal of all the enchanting traumas he had articulated in his brain and his books, scattering them like those peculiar shadows he supposed lingered in that room. And the voices—would he hear their hissing which heralded her presence in a zone swirling with roping shapes? He kept his eyes fixed upon his hand on the doorknob, turning it gently to nudge open the door...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; erik satie & peter j; l'horrible passion; muhr; palancar; scott lawlor; sundummy
Downloads: 1,462
[audio]Sadayatana 149: The True Courage - John Tocher
Many people today believe that cynicism requires courage. Actually, cynicism is the height of cowardice. It is innocence and open-heartedness that requires the true courage -- however often we are hurt as a result of it. - Erica Jong, How to Save Your Own Life (1977) startartisttitle00:03Body 13Carvings Will Cover Your Entire Person06:48Grove of WhispersMusic for Air Conditioners part 1 (unreleased)38:47Scott LawlorAtmospheric Radiation59:00FelliriumChasing the spiral86:00Serge SunneAlien, Cold...
Keywords: drone; dark ambient; experimental; podcast; annette hanshaw; body 13; fellirium; grove of whispers; jmmiii; scott lawlor; serge sunne
Downloads: 1,646
[audio]Sadayatana 155: The Early Days - John Tocher
Only the silent, sleepy, staring houses in the backwoods can tell all that has lain hidden since the early days; and they are not communicative, being loath to shake off the drowsiness which helps them forget. Sometimes one feels that it would be merciful to tear down these houses, for they must often dream. - H. P. Lovecraft, The Picture in the House (1921) startartisttitle00:00Obscure VisionsK'inich Janaab' Pakal06:28nojoinedex 6 minus 118:44CryosyncopyShower of Arachnids23:53CDRXThe Dreamsca...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; backyard ghost; bulkrate; cdrx; cdrx and the ghost between the strings; christian doil; cryosyncopy; darkness and silence; digital mass; halgrath; häxenexäh; i††; i am esper and mystified; joe frawley; jon 7; killer haven; l'horrible passion; neon lotus; nojoined; obscure visions; palancar; peer saer; psi (vitaly maklakov); sara ayers and mindspawn; sina; various artists
Downloads: 1,892
[audio]Sadayatana 170: Within God - John Tocher
The Beduin could not look for God within him: he was too sure that he was within God. He could not conceive anything which was or was not God, Who alone was great; yet there was a homeliness, an everyday-ness of this climatic Arab God, who was their eating and their fighting and their lusting, the commonest of their thoughts, their familiar resource and companion, in a way impossible to those whose God is so wistfully veiled from them by despair of their carnal unworthiness of Him and by the dec...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; aires; carlos ramirez and chris silver t; deafness; frozen ocean; hank tilbury; mystified; paco rossique; scott lawlor & earlyguard; sij & wmri; sōzu project; susperia-electrica; taiga
Downloads: 1,427
[audio]Sadayatana 192: Room 237 - John Tocher
Danny: What about Room 237? Hallorann: Room 237? Danny: You're scared of Room 237, ain't ya? Hallorann: No, I ain't. Danny: Mr. Hallorann. What's in Room 237? Hallorann: Nothin'. There ain't nothin' in Room 237. But you ain't got no business goin' in there anyway, so stay out. You understand? Stay out! - The Shining (1980) startartisttitle00:00Grove of WhispersOutpost (extended version)14:19SpectricalEmergent Forms75:40Negative EholotManok78:58Meho03.00 a.m.84:42MehoWalking Into Someone's Dreams...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; sadayatana; meho; negative eholot; spectrical
Downloads: 2,212
[audio]Sadayatana 180: To Measure Time - John Tocher
Being with you and not being with you is the only way I have to measure time. - Jorge Luis Borges, The Book of Sand (1975) startartisttitle00:00Grove Of Whispers2014-04-2500:38AltusWaiting for the Cover of White12:08C. ParadisiFree Floating (X10)30:33Ian D HawgoodThis Night Has Come Too Soon40:44Travis JohnsonValsa (Remix)48:56Dan MiñozaWinter Kept Us Warm55:10RegosphereBlack Keys70:36Grove Of WhispersLa Isla del Sol Negro117:43Judith Peacock CummingsChaidh mo Dhonnchadh dhan Bhein
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; altus; c. paradisi; dan miñoza; grove of whispers; ian d hawgood; judith peacock cummings; regosphere; travis johnson
Downloads: 1,587
[audio]Sadayatana 142: Quest Of Shudders - John Tocher
This much I knew before my insistent questioning led my uncle to show me the notes which finally embarked us both on our hideous investigation. In my childhood the shunned house was vacant, with barren, gnarled and terrible old trees, long, queerly pale grass and nightmarishly misshapen weeds in the high terraced yard where birds never lingered. We boys used to overrun the place, and I can still recall my youthful terror not only at the morbid strangeness of this sinister vegetation, but at the ...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; caul; digital mass; fellirium; grove of whispers; james alaska; tristan shorr; james wyness; judith peacock cummings; kolpakopf; kostin michail; luciftias; lusruta; nagual art; neon lotus; peer saer; wolfsduister
Downloads: 1,798
[audio]Sadayatana 201: While it Lives - John Tocher
Everything is dead while it lives. - Egon Schiele (1890 -- 1918) startartisttitle00:00lost-radioremember (SandSpace Rework I)12:28MetekThe filth inside was gone in the morning32:59Nagual ArtSeance 1931-Sitzung 837:51Kristus KutRememberance of An Embrace42:46Akoustik Timbre FrekuencyFrom Bey49:02Backyard GhostHoia Baciu55:29Implicit OrderOperator60:55Mescaline SessionsSession 1062:33CryobiosisChasms66:57TenebraeXXXWhite Lace83:26MystifiedKeep Searching87:12Broken MindPoint Of Contact (No Return)9...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; akoustik timbre frekuency; aseptic void; backyard ghost; broken mind; caduceus; cryobiosis; druhá smrt; from the fields; implicit order; kristus kut; lost-radio; mescaline sessions; metek; mystified; nagual art; snowfade; tenebraexxx
Downloads: 2,034
[audio]Sadayatana 200: The Beauty of Dreams - John Tocher
The beauty of dreams and sleeping is that it shows us when we dream that we are building worlds. And we build them freshly every night and we build them freshly every day, when we are awake and when we are asleep. It's a constant process of creation, and the altered states that we experience when we sleep happen to everybody every night. - Robert Rich startartisttitle00:00Pavoninewe could never know the stars10:58Ambient FabricPart 120:14MicrovoltLachesis26:12MicrovoltClotho29:41Seetycathe inven...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; drone; podcast; ambient fabric; microvolt; pavonine; seetyca; somnarium
Downloads: 2,256
[audio]Sadayatana 143: The Flat Surface - John Tocher
There are parts of Texas where a fly lives ten thousand years and a man can't die soon enough. Time gets strange there from too much sky, too many miles from crack to crease in the flat surface of the land. - Katherine Dunn, Geek Love (1989) startartisttitle00:00METEK & Josef NadekFriendly Fire Part 1 Collateral Murder Remix04:24Justin Robertsecret museum13:55R. LobsterDying Inside The Whale35:39PolluxDishonor46:51AnonymousTape0152:48Stephen BriggsIt's begun67:12Scott LawlorRain 170:47PolluxThe...
Keywords: dark ambient; noise; e; podcast; aairria; alan morse davies; anonymous; john tocher; jorge marredo (aka satisfaccion lab); justin robert; metek & josef nadek; pollux; r. lobster; savaran; scott lawlor; sp3ct3rs; station unrest; stephen briggs
Downloads: 1,992
[audio]Sadayatana 198: Here and Now - John Tocher
I started coming to the studio with less worked-out pieces, and eventually with nothing at all. I would just start working with that thing, “the studio,” as the instrument. There is nothing outside of this process. This process called recording is the creative process. We don’t have the canvas standing in front of any landscape, you are going to make the landscape here and now. - Brian Eno startartisttitle00:00Sound AwakenerGallery of emptyness03:48stəˈkæs.tɪk ˈmjuː·zɪkDesolation0...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; jack hertz; kinematik vke feat. scott lawlor; sound awakener; stəˈkæs.tɪk ˈmjuː·zɪk; w.clouds; wings of an angel
Downloads: 2,183
[audio]Sadayatana 156: A Little Soul - John Tocher
What is man but a little soul holding up a corpse? - Malcolm Lowry, Under the Volcano (1947) startartisttitle00:00Grove of WhispersLive for 3 hours
Keywords: drone; experimental; noise; podcast; grove of whispers; sadayatana
Downloads: 1,987
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